Photography provided by Rachel-Ann Jones

Since 2013, Revolution Flag Foundation has made it their duty to bring patriotism to places and people that are in deseprate longing of old glory. 


Our Mission

Our mission at Revolution Flag Foundation is to bring something as simple as the flag and/or knowledge of what the flag means to people in our local community and around the nation.  We strive to bring what the flag symbolizes into the community around us and encourage others to do the same.

On the behalf of the fire fighters at Engine 46 we thank you for your generous gift.
— Lt. Robert Puckett, Engine Co. 46

What We've Achieved

  • 2013-2015 donation of American flags to all Detroit Police Department precincts.
  • 2014 donation of American flags to all Detroit Fire Departments.
  • Complete of restoring flags to the riverfront venue Hart Plaza.
  • Donation of four (4) 20 ft flag poles to Cody High School.
  • Donations of small house flags to several individuals. 
  • Restoration of flagpole at Hardstein Park on Detroit's westside.